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Text Messaging Books

If your new to sending text messages or are looking for a book that contains loads of text messages that you can send to whoever then there are a selection of books available that should hopefully help.

Keep TextingKeep Texting (Get Texting) �2.75
coverGet Texting (Get Texting) �2.75
coverText Me �3.99
coverWAN2TLK? Ltle Bk of Txt Msgs. �1.99
coverIH8U: Ltle Bk of Txt Abuse �1.99
coverThe Joy of Text �4.99
coverLUVTLK: Ltle Bk of Luv Txt �1.99
coverTotal Texting (Get Texting) �2.75
coverLove Texting (Get Texting) �2.75
coverLetter-writing, E-mail and Texting:... �2.50
E-m@gic: Cast 50 Spells by Email and... �4.99

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