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Prank Calls Prank call list

1. How it works|Menu options|Eavesdrop facility|Sample studio|Wind-Up archive| Victim "Hall of Fame"| ...lost victim

1. How it works.
The Wind-Up service has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind; thus allowing you to infuriate your victims as quickly as possible.

What happens during a call? Well, when your call is answered you will be played a short introduction describing the service - don't worry! It's short and necessary for legal purposes. You then enter the main menu system.

2. Menu options
To Play a Wind-Up on your victim press (1) when you are in the main menu. For all other services e.g. "sample studio", "hall of fame" or to re-listen to a Wind-Up that you have previously instigated, press (2) and follow the instructions given.

You can re-listen to any of the menu options by pressing the (*) key at any time or you can return to the main menu options by pressing the (#) key.

3. Eavesdrop facility
We're sure you'll want to listen in on the Wind-Up as it happens - this really is the best way to get MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT at your friend's or colleague's expense. Just select the "eavesdrop" feature after you have selected your Wind-Up when making your call.

Remember, you will be able to hear them, but LAUGH, SHOUT, or do whatever you like - they can't hear you!

4. Sample studio
You may listen to any of the Wind-Ups before you choose the one to play - allowing you to select the perfect Wind-Up for your intended victim.

You choose option (2) from the main menu or alternatively listen to the sound file samples on this site.

5. Wind-Up archive
Our "Find-A-Victim" archive service allows you to relive past glories by listening to an actual recording of a Wind-Up you previously executed! Choose option (2) from the "sample studio" menu when you phone in and then enter the phone number of the victim you wound up - a recording of the Wind-Up will be played to you.

We're sure other friends or colleagues would like to listen as well. Just give them the above information and let them experience your victims frustration!

6. Victim "Hall of Fame"
Listen to some of out all-time favourite Wind-Ups. Choose option (2) from the main menu when you phone in.

The Wind-Ups are listed by joke category, so go on - give it a call and have a laugh as someone else's expense! Keep listening - you many recognise someone!

7. ...lost victim
Did your victim hang-up before the Wind-Up ended? Don't worry - stay on the line and we'll call them back with the message:

"...Please don't hang up again, it's very rude you know..."

We'll then carry on where the Wind-Up left off, thus causing maximum frustration for your chosen victim.

Prank Call list

1. SEX SURVEY Interactive survey on sexual habits and preferences, which gets more and more outrageous as it goes on.

2. WIN A MILLION ON TV The victim has been selected to appear on a new TV game show with a top prize of two million pounds. And that's not all - to ensure the game is a massive hit, the show's producers want to make sure there's a two million pound winner on the first show - and they've chosen your victim. Will they be gullible enough to believe it?

3. PREGNANT DAUGHTER The classic windup - Graham Adams is outraged. Your victim got his daughter pregnant and he's demanding to know if he's going to make an honest woman of her!

4. REALITY TV INTERVIEW An outrageous Australian TV producer invites your victim to appear on the latest reality TV sensation. The show is designed to tempt the victim with all sorts of sexy enticements - and they can only win if they can resist!

5. RANDOM DRUG TEST Your victim is asked to take part in a drugs awareness survey - but the questions are off-the-wall and they may reveal that they know more than they should!

6. MINOR OFFENCES BUREAU Your victim receives a call by the Minor Offences Bureau - a new government initiative designed to try minor offences direct over the phone. Will the victim admit to their heinous crimes or try to maintain their innocence?

7. IT'S THE VAT MAN Your victim gets a call from the Revenue informing them that they've racked up a �20,000 tax bill. Are they gullible enough to fall for it?

8. LOVE QUIZ Find out your victim's attitude to love and relationships in this 'Ali G'-style survey. Are they a Lover, Lover or just rude?

9. INTERNET PORN Your victim gets a phone call from their ISP - they've been caught surfing the Internet for porn and have managed to pass a computer virus on to their ISP by doing so. The only way to solve it is to admit what sites they've been on!

10. STD CLINIC A recent patient at the Grove Square Clinic has named your victim as a recent sexual partner. Would they like to come in for some tests?

11. SEWAGE PLANT The council are building a sewage plant just down the road from your victim's house. The council have called to see if they object to the plans.

12. CAR INSURANCE REVOKED Your victim gets a stiff warning from the National Motor Insurance Watchdog not to drive home tonight because they won't be insured to drive. The perfect wind-up for anyone fanatical about his or her car!

13. BANK DEPOSIT There's been a deposit of �1 million into your victim's bank account. But don't celebrate just yet - the authorities are suspicious and they're demanding to know where it's come from.

14. IDIOT PHONE ENGINEER A phone engineer wants some help to test some voice recognition software - except that he consistently gets it wrong - with hilarious results!

15. MODEL IDOL Your victim has been selected for the first round of Model Idol - the latest fame TV competition. However - first they'll have to prove that they're prepared to do the daftest things to succeed!

16. BOYBAND VIDEO Your victim has been invited to star in the video for a brand new boy band. She'll get to sing on stage and snog the guys - but she'll have to do some outrageous screen tests first!

17. SHOCK U.S. RADIO SHOW Your victim is phoned by a shock US Radio DJ and offered the chance to win a free holiday to Los Angeles. They can win if they answer a few questions - and put up with the shock jock's constant insults!

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